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Interior & Southern B.C.



A rough but correct diag... survey work done in vic. Ft Hope

A rough but correct diag...surv work done in vic. Ft Hope

Boston Bar

Boston Bar "7" Sale Plan

Cadastral map -Lillooet Blks 1-5 #1

Cadastral map -Lillooet Blks 6-11 #2

Clinton (Cadastral, lots 1-101) "19"

Clinton (Cut Off Valley) BC "10"

Clinton- Cut off Valley

Diagram of the triagulation of Hope. Plus map H.B. Fort Mar 13, 1861

District of Hope Group 1. (14 individual lot surveys showing purchaser)

District of Hope- Office of Asst Comm Lands, Hope Dist E1/2

District of Hope. Has HBC Victoria, B.C notation. 2s/

District of Hope. Suburbs and Country Lands

District of Yale (certified copy by WS Gore Surv Gen 1866)

Ground plan of the Hudson's Bay Co property, Quesnelle B.C

Hope "14" (Town of)

Hope (Town of)

Hope District. Rural Lands (shows large rural lots)

Hope, British Columbia.

Index -Richfield, Barkerville, Cameronton

Kayoosh (Plan of) now Lillooet

Lillooet (showing Blks 1-10 . Lots sold are shown coloured.)

Lillooet -Suburban Lands

Lillooet BC Blks 1-5

Lillooet BC Blks 6 to 11-

Lillooet Blk V added to 1860/47

Lillooet, BC

Line Diagram Kayoosch (now Lillooet)

Line Diagram, Lillooet. Cadastral Blk 1-4


Lytton and its suburbs; from a survey...McColl...June 1860

Mouth of Quesnel "26A"

Mouth of Quesnel District. Gov't Res (traced from sale plan)

Part of town of Hope BC and the Coq. R sh prop. bridge sites

Plan of Barkerville, Williams Ck

Plan of Barkerville, Williams Ck. Traced from sale plan

Plan of Cameronton, Williams Creek "14" Traced fr sale plan

Plan of Clinton, Cut Off Valley (proposed reserves)

Plan of Fort Hope (Blk 1-18) (with annotations by McColl)

Plan of Fort Yale ( Gold Comm office,,P.O., courthouse,jail etc)

Plan of Lillooet Blk 1-11

Plan of Lytton Town

Plan of Mouth of Quesnel "26"

Plan of Richfield, Williams Creek. Traced from sale plan

Plan of the Town & Suburban lands of Hope

Plan of the town of Quesnel 7 Dec 1871 PL No.28

Plan of Town lots at Hope

Plan shewing the Hon. Hudson's Bay Co warehouse Barkerville

Plan showing land donated for Boarding school, Cache Ck

Plan Town of Lytton & its Environs (signed Moody & Parsons)

Plan Town of Lytton & its environs (signed Moody & Parsons)

Plot of Van Winkle "14"

Sketch of reserve in Yale, Plan of Yale 1860

Sketch, mouth of Quesnel Dist (reserve encircled by red line)

Soda Creek "11"

Suburban lands, District of Yale

Suburban Lands, Lillooet Blk 5 surveyed by Dewdney

Town lots at Ft Yale

Town Plan of Lytton B.C.

Town plot of Ft Yale (shows HBC limits claimed by Mr. Allard)

Two sketches of site proposed for White & Coe Sawmill, Hope area

Unfinished pencil plan, Alexandria. Lots 1-19

Unfinished Sketch -Soda Ck (& some topography)

Yale B.C. drawn on stone... (Revised from 1858 survey)

Yale B.C. from a survey in 1858 before the arrival of the RE

Yale District Gp 1 Lot 5

Yale/ Town Lots

[7 urban lot surveys on one map]

[Plan of town lots at Fort Hope]

[Pre-emptions and lot sales, Douglas, Hope, Yale, Lytton, Lillooet]

[Pre-emptions at Lytton, Nicola Lk, Boston Bar, Cache Ck. Kamloops & IRs)

[Pre-emtion sketches Quesnel, Alexandria, Williams Lake, Lytton, Cache Ck]

[Sketch made by council on trails & tunnel Nicaraqua slide]

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