The regional groupings presented here are from standard language used by libraries and reflect their groups used in classification systems for maps.

Interior & Southern B.C.



App for lease btwn Harrison & Douglas Lk

Barometric section from the Gulf Georgia to Lac la Hache

BC New Westminster to Lillooet from a general map in prep...

Explanatory sketch shewing both routes between Lillooet Lk & Cayoosh

Geological sections 1. Harrison-Lillooet 2. Harrison Lk.

Pemberton. Shows townsite, Lillooet Lake and Lillooet R est

Plan of Douglas & Lillooet Road

Plan of first or Lillooet portage from Douglas to Tenass Lk.

Plan of Lakes Anderson and Seaton, showing short portage...

Plan of Lakes Lillooet and Tenass

Plan of Route from New Westminster to Fountain in B.C...

Plan of the Fraser district from Seaton to Fountain

Plan proposed extension, Wagon road, Pt Pemb to Lill Lk(3)

Plan showing communication...Fort Langley to Douglas

Proposed improvements btwn Mile 6-7 1/2 Harrison-Lillooet Rd

Rough Sketch explorations -Bridge R to Tyaughton Ck

Rough sketch of New Pass from Cayoosh to Lk Lillooet

Rough Sketch of the Cayoosh Dist

Rough trace of unfinished geo map of rt New West to Fountain

Route proposed wagon rd. Pt Pemberton to 2 1/2 mi east

See Fur trade for two Anderson maps of this area

Sketch of part of B.C. by...Mayne (exped rt -Harrison,Fraser,Thompson)

Sketch of part of BC showing trails & routes of comm (N. side Fraser R.)

Sketch of the 2nd or Birkenhead Portage...Pemberton to Anderson

Sketch of the country between Jervis Inlet and Port Pemberton

Sketch Seton Portage to Fraser R showing trails & proposed road

Sketch to accompany Dr Forbes Geological Sections Harrison L

Sketch to accompany report -exploration up Bridge R. fron Cayoosh

Traverse Plan Lake Seaton & River

Unfinished plan -wagon road -Harrison Lake to Anderson Lake

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